The mature individual is recognizable by his outstanding capacity for recovery from unexpected shocks or disturbances, mental, emotional, or mechanical.

–Moshe Feldenkrais 1904-1984  (Body and Mature Behavior 1947)

Are you looking for ways to calm yourself – small interventions that will fit into and become part of your daily activities? Interventions that will contribute calmness to your entire day, helping you feel more effective – physically, emotionally & intellectually?

We offer affordable support and tools that can help you expand your resources to manage your health.
Our Personal Trainers will guide you as you learn to use a variety of tools for exercising and tracking your mental agility and stress resilience. Find the right fit for you.

  • Manage Stress Better
  • Improve Heart Health
  • Sleep Better
  • Improve Mental Agility

You can gain the ability to differentiate & regulate your system to optimize your health: Autonomic balance is a knowable state and a potent indicator of long term health.

Learn to use our collection of biofeedback instruments and materials to understand better the science of health and stress in your experience of yourself. Use tools and tricks (E in C) to recalibrate and fine tune your sense of a Calm Alert State, Readiness for Action. Increased focus. Reduce pain Greater ease.  More comfort.

Anyone who wants to learn about some of what goes on under the surface – inside the black box of autonomic regulation and internal processes as it relates to stress management and mental agility. Maybe your Healthcare provider recommends that you do biofeedback and you want to learn more about how you can better manage your own health or maybe you just want to optimize your performance or learn new things.

It is not meant to replace regular physical exercise but rather to augment your fitness routine.

  • Become skilled at regulating your responses in the world so you can recognize and interrupt harmful habits.
  • Autonomic balance is a knowable state and a potent indicator of long term health.
  • Change your stress level to meet the circumstances you are in.


Biofeedback uses external devices that provide (visual & aural) information on internal your biological changes and/or changes of condition in a format which makes the data more easily accessible.  Access to this information can help you to begin to make distinctions and choices about how you’d like to react to and be in the world.

Intro Class: Tools & Personal Trainers at the Effectiveness Lab

We may not be able to stop you from getting stressed, but we can help you learn to recover more quickly. We can show you tools that track metrics for such things. Learn our tricks and strategies for better balance.

We teach the use of various tools and techniques which increase your capacity to manage stress.  We facilitate effectiveness and mental agility. We constantly explore various tools for better understanding ourselves in our environment and how we can help you master your health. Dig in with some educated guidance and support.

Click here to find more information about the biofeedback instruments we have in our collection.


Effectiveness Lab

with Ilana King

Introduction and overview

3rd Tuesday of month


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One on One Coaching

with a Personal Trainer

Biofeedback tools & strategies

Monday,Tuesday & Wednesday mornings; Thursday & Friday afternoons
By Appointment

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There are many tools these days for measuring all sorts of personal data. While the promises are plenty, and they may seem easy to use… will you without support? Let us help: Coaching/Personal Trainers.

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