We are a corps of people deeply committed to helping people find and develop their access to resources and options for movement.
Our mission is to interact with people who seek something a little different and better for themselves. Helping people make a transition from one condition to another and offering tools and a guide along the path and offering encouragement in the process. We provide information, ideas and perspective so you come out maybe not exactly as planned for but you can see you’ve made good decisions and informed choices so you feel life is better for the journey.

Trained midwives, doulas, medical social workers, and health & science educators who want to empower folks to recognize and adjust their internal states and interactions in the world to find greater ease and make better choices for their own health management.

People tend to come to me first due to some injury, then, if the process is fun and the perspective is compelling, sometimes they turn their attention to chronic and smaller complaints, to learn new strategies for moving beyond plateaus, and then perhaps, all the way to developing methods for exploring creativity and habit.

—Nancy MacAllister

Nancy MacAllister

Nimble-154x35-verticalNancy MacAllister’s passion is exploring and developing a variety of tools and approaches that explore what it takes to have ease in function, improved range, coordination, and strength.
With over 25 years of clinical practice and a tenacious inquisitiveness and sense of awe Nancy meets her clients/students where they are and inspires them to expand their possibilities. She has had extensive experience with debilitating injury. Lifelong exploration of martial arts and meditation practices deepen her appreciation of the Feldenkrais Method®. Her relentless thirst for excellence makes her approach as applicable to high performers as it is to people with severe dysfunction.

Exercises in Curiosity, Nancy’s unique offering brings together some of the best of neuroscience with experiential learning gleaned from her background in the Feldenkrais Method®. Nancy and her partner in Exercises in Curiosity, Ilana King, teach participants to reorganize themselves to move beyond all kinds of habits and limitations through a variety of methods exploring movement and awareness; Awareness Through Movement®, Biofeedback, Taiji, Belly Dance — many approaches to the same puzzle: Living a full and expressive life.

Nancy’s vision seeks to turn our awareness to engage fully in “now” and “good” with an eye towards recognizing and developing habits and strategies that will allow us to age gracefully and with power. Turning our attention from the cultural mandate to “stay in shape” towards really examining HOW the performance of those activities (often the very same activities) can become more satisfying and nimble. Rather than accumulate the residual aches and pains of “aging”, she seeks to teach the application of the principles of the Feldenkrais Method and Internal Martial Arts on a finer scale than imagined before.

I work together with my students to shift attention from pathology to function, to regain ability + ease.
—Nancy MacAllister

A Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner with over 25 years in clinical practice. Since 1989 Nancy has helped professional and Olympic athletes, professional musicians and other curious people overcome injury, work on more chronic less immediately debilitating complaints, improve effectiveness and performance and avoid injury in the future.
She works with back, shoulder and knee pain, TMJ,  chronic or easily sprained ankles, and other such annoyances, with athletes from wide ranging sports such as: sailing, biking, surfing, bowling, baseball, running, kayaking, and ping pong.
Her work in Feldenkrais Method® offers a method for finding tangible and long lasting improvement.
Having suffered head trauma herself Nancy has unique insight that has enhanced her ability to aid adults and children with head trauma and other severe neurologic injury.
She has worked with adults and children with severe neurologic deficits including chromosomal defects, neurologic injury and disease on issues ranging from balance and coordination, swallowing, daily activities and habits, to cognitive functions such as vision, concentration and emotional and autonomic balance.

An insatiable interest in learning and understanding has led Nancy to attend conferences worldwide including the International Fascia Research Congress, Amsterdam Nederland. She is continually seeking to expanding her knowledge of Bio-physics, Neuroscience, and the Philosophy of Science. Nimble-end

Ilana King

Nimble-154x35-verticalIlana King trained doula and midwife, certified Biofeedback tech, fiscal analyst and bookkeeper and unassuming over-achiever.
Ilana grew up in a family culture of dance began dancing as a child and has studied many dance styles over the years. Currently Ilana is using her study of American Tribal Style belly dance to enlarge the concept of dance beyond performance; focusing instead on expanded agility. Using awareness of perception and “micro-movements” to “unlock the puzzle” of dancing for the simple joy of moving to music.
Ilana studied midwifery developing a doula/labor coach practice dedicated to helping pregnant mothers make good decisions throughout the birthing process.
Ilana’s Fiscal Consulting practice has always focused on providing more than simply tax prep. Teaching business owners to better understand and use their Financial Reports is where the real fun is.
Recently Ilana has added BioFeedback training to her tool kit. She is excited to add another level of “reality check” to  facilitate reorganization in many directions.

Carol Pecot

Nimble-154x35-verticalCarol is a health and science teacher who taught high school science for 80 years. She has immense curiosity and tenacious dedication to evidence-oriented learning. Carol also dances. Nimble-end



Karen Ehrlich

Nimble-154x35-verticalLicensed home birth midwife and teacher and dancer. She has worked to define ‘informed consent’ in her practice with a deep respect for people. She is newly bringing her attention to long-term, subtle and persistent troubles that occur decades post-partum. She has become fascinated with fascia and the ability of the body to rearrange the flow physiologically and in movement. Nimble-end





Maureen Z

Nimble-154x35-verticalMaureen brings a thoughtful perspective to Nimble by offering conversations on topics such as end of life planning an d living wills. She is particularly interested in how biofeedback may be of unique support for specific populations i.e. veterans. Medical social worker, dancer and traveler. Nimble-end

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